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You (the customer) may cancel your order with Doralpennysaver.com at no cost to you.
If you got into a paid plan and you wish tocancel, you may send us a cancel service request via your registered email address in your account, or create a ticket and send it to support Doralpennysaver. If you cancel service before your listing(s) ad(s) have been placed on the Internet, you are entitled to and will receive 100% refund within five business days.
However, once any blog work is published, all listing(s), advertising and rendered services by Doralpennysaver.com are not refundable even if the work was performed by you in our Web portal. You are liable for full payment of the entire invoice amount. You are liable for all work performed and services rendered. There will be no prorated or full refund on any of the published services whatsoever. Doralpennysaver.com will present your ad(s) on the Internet on the web site(s) agreed to, but in no way guarantees the success or performance of your ad(s).  You are liable for payment(s) to the Company services rendered to you regardless of the response of your ad(s) or listedd campaigns.

We are very strict with our T&C, we do not accept or approve any publication of sexual products or content in our directory, nor any hateful or offensive content. No type of pornography is allowed.

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We have over 11 years of online experience, we help our clients to achieve their goals and grow their businesses while keeping their customers happy. Whether you place a local classified or nationwide ad in our directory service, our advertising team is always here to help you target your audience.

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